Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene

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SASS - Intimate Dryness Gel

SASS - Intimate Dryness GelSome women may avoid getting out, doing sport or living the life they wan..


SASS - Intimate Purifying Cleanser

SASS- Intimate Purifying CleanserNo one ever really explains what ‘balance’ actually means, but..


SASS -Intimate Freshness Gel

SASS -Intimate Freshness GelYou work, you live, you love, you laugh. You give everything every day. ..


SASS -Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate

SASS -Intimate Perfect Skin ConcentrateSASS Intimate skin is really sensitive. Ingrown hairs and sha..


SASS -Intimate pH Balanced Serum

SASS -Intimate pH Balanced SerumSome days you do not feel at your best which leads to compromise. Yo..


SASS -Intimate Protection Barrier Cream

SASS -Intimate Protection Barrier Cream, A cream that reduces skin friction and soothes irritation d..


SASS -Intimate Recovery Serum

SASS -Intimate Recovery SerumWhether you’re training for a marathon or doing a quick spin class, int..


SASS -Intimate Refreshing Mist

SASS -Intimate Refreshing MistIt’s not always easy to stay feeling fresh when you are dashing from o..


SASS -Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel

SASS -Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave GelLet’s face it, none of us really like shaving, but we li..


Sass- Intimate Refreshing Wipes

It can sometimes be difficult to feel fresh and protected when you are running from one challenge to..