About Us

About Us  


Hooked-Up Shop aims to offer you a one stop shopping experience in trending beauty products. We aim to be one of the first in the UK to bring you trending products from around the world.


The Hooked-Up Shop official website launched in March 2015 after a growing success from social media. 


Gemma Wright started her career in 2008 as a beauty therapist in a leading Decleor gold award spa. Discovering her passion for all things beauty she decided to go on to carry out a teaching qualification and taught NVQ beauty therapy and make up. In 2012 Gemma decided to start her own salon from home which became very successful offering a whole range of beauty treatments from advanced electrical facial treatments, advanced waxing techniques and holistic treatments of all kinds. Alongside her home beauty business she was then offered a job in a well-known aesthetic clinic a couple of days a week where she carried out advanced skincare treatments on the rich and famous. 


Hooked-up shop started when Gemma discovered the up and coming trend of Waist Training Corsets in the United States and was desperate to get hold of one herself. After ordering one from America and having problems with  shipping costs and import charges she decided to find the source and bring them over in bulk direct from Colombia. Colombian waist training corsets are the market leaders in shapewear and known for their extremely high quality garments. 


In September 2014 Gemma stumbled across Candylipz . Candylipz had just started taking off in the USA with reports that Kylie Jenner was given one in a giftbag. Gemma decided to bring Candylipz over to the UK as the official stockist. . 


Hooked Up Shop has been featured on MTV News, Daily Mail, New! Magazine and many other news channels.


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