Halloween 2017

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Glitter Fix Liquid 12ml

Liquid Glitter Adhesive Use it to add glitter or any other loose pigments to face and body.&nbs..


Iron Rose - Lip Hybrid

A rich and pigmented metallic rose with burgundy undertones. Iron Rose is a highly reflective and mu..


Body Paint Sponge

Perfect for applying body paint to stencils. ..


Cleopatra - Lip Hybrid -30%

Cleopatra - Lip Hybrid

A violet and gold duo chrome.Finish: Sets To A Satin FinishNo liner/base added or neededSafe Fo..

£11.50 £8.00

Diamond - The Gypsy Shrine - All in one face jewel -56%

Diamond - The Gypsy Shrine - All in one face jewel

The Diamond Headpiece is an all in one face jewel that is safe to use on the skin. This set comes wi..

£8.00 £3.50

Dragon - Lip Hybrid

 A semi metallic dark green with green shimmer.Finish: Sets To A Semi Metallic Satin Finis..


Drama - Proline - Mink Lashes

Drama Lashes by Pro-line are professional lashes created with super soft mink hair and a highly dura..


Face Lace - Bastet

Black. Using the symbols of ancient Egypt (scarab beetles, the wings of Horus and the lotus flower) ..


Face Lace - Starway To Heaven

Starway 2 Heaven celebrates rock ‘n roll style. A constellation of mixed stars across the eyes glamo..


FaceLace - Avastar -54%

FaceLace - Avastar

The design is overlaid with dazzling stars, made from our super-reflective material, which radiate l..

£10.95 £5.00

FaceLace - Batterfly

Mixing the elegance of a butterfly with the nightmarish skeleton of a bat, we’ve created an enchanti..


FaceLace - Burlesque

Black. These tantalizing Eye Laces were inspired by the plumes of ostrich and peacock feathers used ..


FaceLace - Cropstical

Imagine Crop circles inhabited by unicorns, and then you can gather a further understanding on what ..


FaceLace - DazzleDots

Snugly fitting the curves of your face, these dazzling dots are made from holographic material. One ..


FaceLace - Espina

Espina, black. Inspired by the exuberant array of Sugar Skull designs: an assemblage of filigree pie..