Citrine - Money and Success

Citrine - Money and Success

A rough and beautiful piece of Citrine. 

Citrine will keep you positive when you feel like giving up in your work life. When things aren’t going right you need to stay positive and focused to pull it back to where you want to be. Working towards a financial goal within a job or business can be draining and citrine will help boost you up when your low. Citrine is very powerful and is known as the success stone it will draw wonderful things to you both personally and professionally. 

Cleansing and charging your crystals: I have cleansed and charged these crystals myself however they are sensitive and can pick up energies along their journey to you so I recommend  when your crystals arrive you can soak them in salt water for 1-24 hours (please do not do this with the Hematite or Selenite) whenever you feel like your crystals could have picked up or absorbed any negative energies repeat this step again. You can also supercharge your crystals under a full moon by placing them in the moonlight just after sunset ( I will touch more on this in my blog but please feel free to research this online you will find endless information if you are a new crystal owner) Your crystals are yours they will work with your energy and you will feel connected and loving towards your crystals. 

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