Face Lace

Face Lace

Face Lace is used on celebrities and cat walks all over the world and Hooked Up Shop have managed to get their hands on it especially for you! We are so excited about this brand and the products speak for themselves. They are all delicately made in the UK. Simply peel off and stick on. Each piece has a strong adhesive that is suitable to be used on the skin. Face Lace allows you to create a masterpiece with every face in a matter of seconds. Lady GaGa is a well known fan of this exact brand and has been seen wearing it on stage ! 

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Face Lace - Bastet

Black. Using the symbols of ancient Egypt (scarab beetles, the wings of Horus and the lotus flower) ..


Face Lace - Starway To Heaven

Starway 2 Heaven celebrates rock ‘n roll style. A constellation of mixed stars across the eyes glamo..


FaceLace - Avastar -54%

FaceLace - Avastar

The design is overlaid with dazzling stars, made from our super-reflective material, which radiate l..

£10.95 £5.00

FaceLace - Batterfly

Mixing the elegance of a butterfly with the nightmarish skeleton of a bat, we’ve created an enchanti..


FaceLace - Burlesque

Black. These tantalizing Eye Laces were inspired by the plumes of ostrich and peacock feathers used ..


FaceLace - Cropstical

Imagine Crop circles inhabited by unicorns, and then you can gather a further understanding on what ..


FaceLace - DazzleDots

Snugly fitting the curves of your face, these dazzling dots are made from holographic material. One ..


FaceLace - DazzleStars

How more magical could these get? Our dazzle-material is made from many layers of holographic materi..


FaceLace - Espina

Espina, black. Inspired by the exuberant array of Sugar Skull designs: an assemblage of filigree pie..


FaceLace - Featherette

A simplified version of our Burlesque design, with the same thought and careful reworking of inspira..


FaceLace - Fleurty

Combining the delicacy of florals with the gracefulness of wrought iron masterpieces from the second..


FaceLace - Glammalien

The Glammalien design is inspired by the great Swiss artist H.R. Giger, known for combining human an..


FaceLace - Iridisa

This set of abstract wings captures the gossamer gorgeousness of butterfly wings. The designs can be..


FaceLace - Lattice Wings

Part super-hero, part venetian mask, totally seductive. Perfect for feeling mysterious yet empowered..