Unicorn Lashes

Unicorn Lashes

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Luna Fleur

For the Pretty delicate Unicorn. 20 - 25 wears.when life leaves you lacking in lashes #alwaysbeaunic..


Provoc SUPER Waterproof Eyelash Adhesive

May the corners of your lashes always stay down. Look no further for the ultimate Eyelash adhesive. ..


Raven - Unicorn Lashes

For the Unicorn as black as the Night. Dark, Dramatic, Powerful - This 3D lash has been designed to ..


Rebel Smoke

We are launching our new additions to our 3D silk lash line and for those with a smaller budget but ..


Serene Dream

For the Unicorn that dreams.Made for Unicorns who already have the length but want that extra volume..


Vespertine - Unicorn Lashes

For the Most Glamorous of Unicorns. Curls Upon Curls. One of our favourite lashes for added length a..


Wanderlust - Unicorn Lashes

For the Unicorn who desires the world.Unique and special this lash has a personality all of its own...



For the gentle unicorn that likes to make a quiet statement. Adds length and volume for a very natur..


Bambi - Unicorn Lashes

For the doe eyed unicorn who loves Raven but wants a flared lash. 20 - 25 wears. 3D Mink..


Buttercup - Unicorn Lashes

For my Flower Unicorn, Buttercup. 3D Synthetic Silk of the highest quality, vegan. 20 Wears..


Cosmic Pegasus - Unicorn Lashes

For the Ultimate Unicorn, Pegasus. 3D Mink of the highest quality and cruelty free. 20-25 WEARS...


Everlong - Unicorn Lashes

For the fluttery Wispy Unicorn. 3D Synthetic Silk of the highest quality and cruelty free. 20 WEARS...


Majestic AF - Unicorn Lashes

So we've been a little naughty with this lash naming it Majestic AF (Yes it stands for what you thin..


Pixie Wisp

For the Pixie-licious Unicorn. 3D Mink of the highest quality and cruelty free. 20-25 WEARS. Absolut..